Week 10: Lights, Camera, Action!

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Week 10: Lights, Camera, Action!

And that concludes the first week of our video section for DS106! Here is a collection of the work I completed for this week.

First of all, I created a little video essay analyzing a scene from Inside Llewyn Davis. I really enjoyed thinking more critically about how scenes are set up and the camera work since it’s not something I’ve payed too much attention too in the past! You can find that video as well as my process in making it here.

Next, I planned out what I want to do for my big video project. This week, we had the choice to either complete a large scale video project or complete some assignment bank assignments. Because I had an idea I wanted to do for a large project, I went with that one! My plan write up can be found here.

And my trailer for that video (hopefully coming April 8th) is here:

Lastly, I completed two daily creates for this week:

March 28th
March 30th

And here are my comments for this week:

Lullaby for my dog: Sweet message video assignment
RM’s Gag Reel
WEEK 10: The Daily Creates

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