Writing a Letter From the Future – Video Show Assignment Pt. 1

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Writing a Letter From the Future – Video Show Assignment Pt. 1

This week we are moving on to video! I really enjoy video editing so I’m excited for this week. We have the choice to work on a large scale project or complete some video assignments. I decided to work on a larger scale project so this is the planning blog for that. I will have a trailer for this video up later this week so be on the look out for that!

EDIT: Here is the trailer!

Format/Shooting Planning

I am planning to format my video as a voiceover with video clips being shown in the back. I am planning for at least six different clips, but this might increase as I actually begin working on it. I did most of my planning for actual shots I want by hand:

These are just rough ideas of what I think I’d like to include. I think specific things will definitely change as I get more into actually working on the project.

For the shooting I plan to have various pieces of footage that correspond with what I’m talking about in the letter as well as footage of me actually writing the letter. I will also probably add background music and include the video clips without sound.


Since I’ve explored topics like my past and what I am doing in the present, I decided to focus this video assignment on the future. I will be formatting this story as a letter being written from the future so that I am able to share what I would like my future to look like. I am a very anxious person when it comes to the future and I think that’s part of the reason I’ve avoided that part of my story. While this letter is a letter to myself, it’s also a letter to calm my anxiety down. Even though things likely wont go exactly as I planned them in the letter, it’s reassuring to tell myself that everything will be okay and things will work out in the end.


Here is the letter I wrote that I plan to read from:

Dear Conner (22),

                If this letter reaches you by the time I want it to, you are about a month away from graduating college. I know you’re scared and anxious about what the future holds, but I am writing you to tell you to relax. It’s been 10 years since you graduated, and I want to reassure you that everything worked out just fine.

                First of all, the Corona Virus is just about gone. There’s still lingering consequences from it, but you’re able to see your friends and family without worry. You’re able to travel and gather in large crowds, even though I know you don’t like those kinds of things very much, it’s still nice to know they’re safe to do if you want.

                You and your friends are still together and you’re still as close as ever. Sophie has stayed in Lynchburg, but Caroline, Julie, Bale, and Emily are still close enough to visit when you’re schedules permit it (But don’t worry, it’s a lot easier to schedule time than it was when you were in college). Remember the trip to Point Pleasant, West Virginia you all were planning before the Corona Virus happened? Well, I’m happy to say you all are able to go for a weekend trip in 2023. I won’t spoil too much, but you had a blast.

               You still send letters to your friend Emma in Baltimore, and you actually finally get to go visit them. You visit the National Aquarium, and they show you around the city. You also go see an Orioles game with them and their partner (your partner is there too, but we’ll get to that later). This becomes a yearly tradition.

                I know the thing you’re most worried about right now is your career. I know right now you’re applying to jobs relating to your degree with little success, but just keep trying! I promise you’ll get a call for an interview for a company you love and you’ll knock the interview out of the park. Of course, you’re going to stay with Germanna for a few months after you graduate, but that job is so much less stressful when you don’t have your college classes stacked on top of it, believe me.

                You get a nice apartment in the city and you get to decorated it just like your giant Pinterest board of interior designs. You live there with your best friend and partner. I know right now you’re not really concerned with dating, but when you meet her you will know she’s the one. She is goofy, kind, and best of all she loves you. She puts up with your weird interests and habits. She listens to you rant about things she has no interest in and you do the same for her. It’s as close to perfect as you can get. We have two cats just like stereotypical lesbians and I’m going to propose to her soon.

                I hope this letter has helped with the anxiety I know you have about the future. Take deep breaths, enjoy your last weeks of college, and don’t worry about it. Everything works out in the end.


                Conner (32)

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