A Letter to The Past – Write Up

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A Letter to The Past – Write Up

This week, my main goal was to finish up my video that I wrote about last week. This is the write up post about what I did to make it and how I think it turned out!

First of all, my process for creating the video was to use Da Vinci Resolve, a free video editing software that I have some experience in. I recorded my voice over using audacity and filmed clips on my phone. One thing I regret is not filming in canvas layout because the portrait layout makes the clips not fit in with the rest of the video I used. I also got some clips from Youtube, which can be found here (in order of appearance):
Graduation Stock Footage
Crowded People Walking
Dancing Crowd
I used a website called Youtube to Mp3 Converter to download these clips to my computer. I also got my background piano music from freesound.org.

Once I gathered all the resources I wanted to use in my video, I imported them all into my Da Vinci Resolve media pool.

I then began sticking clips and audio into my workspace.

Whenever clips/audio were too long, or I wanted them to cut at a specific time I used the blade tool to cut.

Once everything was placed where I wanted it, I lowered the audio to the piano so it didn’t overpower my voiceover. I then exported the video as an mp4 file so I could upload it to Youtube. I’m hoping it won’t get taken down, but if it does I will upload it on Vimeo. I can’t do that right now since I apparently have exceeded my weekly upload limit.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with how this came out! I feel like I successfully followed the plan I laid out for myself and there’s not much I would change if I could. Obviously if I had unlimited time and resources it could have been much better, but I think it’s pretty good given the circumstances! I really enjoyed making it too. For some reason, I find video and audio editing like this really relaxing and fun to do.

It was also fun to think about what I want my future to look like. Like I mentioned in my plan for this project, I get really anxious when I think about the future, but I do feel a little reassured writing a fake letter to myself, haha. I knew I wanted to tie in my future into My Story, and I’m glad I chose to do it this way. I think it’s more interesting than just spewing facts about what I want for myself in the future and it seemed easier to do than that too. I had to nail down concrete things I wanted to see in my life and I wasn’t able to be wishy-washy with it.

Here is my final video:

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