Week 5: The Power of Sound

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Week 5: The Power of Sound

This week was our audio week. I’m extremely new to audio so it was really fun to dive into something I really knew nothing about! I’ve listened to many podcasts, but I’ve never focused much on the sound being used. It’s been so interesting to learn more about sound and audio and I’ve been paying much more attention to all the sounds around me and in the things I watch.

I found I really enjoy editing sounds together. Even though it’s time consuming, I find it really relaxing and fun to hear the story come together. It’s really amazing to me how much sound can change a story and it adds so much life to an audio story. I think I said this about the visual week, but this is my new favorite week!

The first thing I did this week was reflect on a few things pertaining to audio: “Do You Think God Will Find Us On The Moon?” A Reflection On Audio/Radio Dramas

I also created an audio bumper for DS106 Radio: “DS106Radio Radio Bumper”

Next, I listen to an audio drama on DS106 Radio! I really enjoyed the experience of listening to this with everyone on Twitter: “DS106Radio Tweet Along”

I also shared some of my ideas on what to do for the Radio Show assignment coming up: “Radio Show Ideas”

Here are the 4 assignments I completed this week:

A Noisy Space Heist
My Favorite Sounds
Don’t Buy Big Toboggans
Omens By Cecilia Llompart – A Spooky Reading

And as always here are my daily creates:

Feb. 21
Feb. 23
Feb. 24

And my comments on everyone else’s work:

Auditory Anxiety
Just Working Things
A Collection of my Favorite Sounds
Another Biscuit Story!

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