Week 3: Writing, Writing, Writing

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Week 3: Writing, Writing, Writing

For this week, we focused completely on writing. I’m glad we got the section I was least excited about out of the way as soon as possible. Writing is not something I particularly enjoy, however this week wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be! The prompts helped a lot with generating ideas and making me excited to write.

It was really easy to relate almost all these assignments back to our theme, due to how broad it is. All the assignments (except, perhaps, the alphabet soup one, but there’s an argument to be made) tell the reader bits and pieces of my story in interesting ways. I love how the assignments encourage a more unique form of storytelling that’s not just narratively brain dumping about you life.

Here are all the writing assignments I completed for this week:

Tell it/Tweet it (3 stars)
Hades – The Game That Keeps Giving (3 stars)
Alphabet Soup (3 stars)
What’s in a Name (2.5 stars)
Dude, How do you Feel? (1.5 stars)
Total stars: 12.5

I’ve also reflected the movie Spirited Away in my story analysis! I enjoyed looking a little deeper into a movie that’s always been one of my favorites.

We also continued with participating in the daily creates over on Twitter this week. I know I said it in my week 2 summary, but I enjoy creating these and seeing what everyone else creates so much!

Daily Creates:

Feb. 7
Feb. 8
Feb. 9


WEEK THREE: Creative Daily Creates
Haiku About My Cat
The Chum Bucket
Daily Create: 2/11

This week was either a little lighter than the past two weeks, or I’m finally getting in the grove of completing everything without stressing at the end of the week. Either way, I’m happy with how this week went and I’m ready to keep pushing forward!

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