What Makes A “Good” Photograph?

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What Makes A “Good” Photograph?

After reading the Telling Stories in Photos article and reflecting on my own photography journey and experience, it’s time to dig even deeper. I will be analyzing five different photographs and looking at different elements and storytelling methods in them. I will be looking specifically at elements like contrast, lighting, perspective, balance, and several others.


Nemo in the Sun, 2021, Conner Freeman

This photo’s strength is the lighting. The sun is coming in through the window and casting a warm light over Nemo, which makes him stand out as the focus of the photo. This photo also captures a moment. Nemo hates getting his picture taken, so as soon as I took this he got up and moved away.


Prague, 2015, Carol Ann Freeman

This photo is a good example of balance. The perspective of the building on either side of the walkway bring the viewers eye to the subjects of the photo: the people walking. I think this is also an interesting use of foreground and background. The subjects are in the mid-ground while the buildings around them make up the background and the foreground.


Luray Caverns, 2016, Conner Freeman

This photo of a pool in Luray Caverns demonstrates depth. The water is so clear that you can see down to the bottom and you can see how the rock formations play a part in the viewer recognizing the depth. Lighting is also featured in this picture with the light shining over the pool, allowing the clearness to be the main focus of the photo.


Colonial Beach, 2018, Conner Freeman

This picture demonstrates selectiveness. I remember when taking this picture, had to line it up so that the horizon was straight. There is also natural lighting being utilized in this photo, making the trees reflect off the water in an interesting way.


Germany, 2015, Conner Freeman

This photo is another good example of background and foreground. Since It was taken from a high perspective, I was able to capture all the fields and mountains in the background, while the trees remain the most detailed part in the foreground. There is also contrast in the picture, the dark green trees in the foreground contrast off the lighter fields further in the background. He sky also features this with the darker clouds on the left contrasting off the lighter clouds on the right.

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