Radio Show Ideas

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Radio Show Ideas

Here are a few ideas for the radio show assignment! I’m not really tied down to anything, so this is not a comprehensive list. I’m excited to work with some of you to create the “our” portion of Y(our) story!

1. A movie/show/whatever review

I love talking with my friends about something we’ve all watched and looking at it on a deeper level or just talking about what we liked or didn’t like about it. I also listen to a few podcasts around listening to others review things I like, here are some examples:

A More Civilized Age – A Clone Wars Podcast (Of course I had to include something Star Wars related)
Emojidrome (This podcast reviews different emojis and rates which emoji looks the best on which platform)

2. Talking about how our semester went/how it’s like going to school during a pandemic

This one is a simple way of incorporating our story and talk about something we’re all experiencing at the same time. I actually did a small podcast on this topic for my Journalism class last semester if you’re interested! I interviewed my friends to see how they were dealing with our new normal.

3. Some kind of narrative story

This idea is inspired by the Moon Graffiti and the I Saw Myself Running audio dramas we listen to this week. I really enjoy Narrative podcasts and audio dramas, so I think this could be a fun idea. I’m not an actor so I don’t know if I would be any good at actually saying the lines, but I’ve found I really like editing audio and adding effects and music to things so that could be something I could contribute to this kind of radio show!

If you’re interested, here are a few other audio dramas I’ve listened to:

Wolf 359
The Penumbra Podcast
Friends at the Table (This is an actual play podcast where the narrative emerges from people playing table top games, so it’s all improve.)

4. Talking about stories that mean something to us

This is inspired by the assignment we did analyzing stories that meant something to us. I had a lot of fun writing my post and reading everyone else’s, so I think it would be cool to talk about other stories and see what connections we can make between them.

5. An advice show

I used to listen to a podcast called My Brother, My Brother, and Me where three brothers would give advice to listeners as well as answer questions off Yahoo! Answers. I think it would be interesting if we answer questions and give advice to others in the class who write in their problems. This could be funny or serious.

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  1. These are all great ideas. Movie reviews and discussions are challenging because people tend to use clips that depend on the visual element, rather than finding ones that function well as sound. But all of these offer ways to use sound so any could work.

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