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For this assignment, we were tasked with taking seven specific photos in 20 minutes using the photoblitzer website.

I had a lot of fun with this assignment! I liked how open the prompts were but were still restrictive enough that I wasn’t at a loss on what to photograph. It really made me think of the pictures I was taking instead of just snapping randomly. I also liked how it was timed. We only had 20 minutes to take all the pictures so I was forced to think quickly and I think that made me more creative since I wasn’t mauling over what to do for hours.

Here is the list I got:

And here are the photos I took:

For my first prompt it was to photograph a close up of something shiny and make it hard to guess. I was sitting at my desk and this object was the first shiny thing I saw. I couldn’t get as close up as I wanted because my camera kept going out of focus, so I think it’s still pretty easy to guess. What do you think it is?

My second photo was to take a picture of hands that tell a story. This one was easy. This photo of my hands typing tells the story of my semester and work life for the past year. It seems all I’ve been doing is sitting and typing everyday. Just like I’m doing now!

For the third photo I had to take a picture that reminded me of my childhood. I decide to take a picture of this stuffed cat I’ve had since I was a baby. His name is George and I slept with him ever night. My grandma actually got me a brand new George once this one got dirty, but it just wasn’t the same! George has been through a lot, including getting chewed up by dogs and getting dropped in the toilet.

Next was a picture of a wheel near me. My workspace is in the basement of my parents house, and my dad also keeps his Hotwheels collection down there so I certainly am surrounded by wheels all the time.

The fifth set of pictures was a little difficult and I’m unsure if I understood the prompt correctly. It was to take a pair of photos that show symmetry between different objects. The two objects I chose were cabinets and a window.

The sixth photo was also kind of difficult and I think I bent the rules a little bit. I had to take a photo of a reflected object in a body of still water. My body of still water consisted of a bottle of water and my reflected object was the lights on my keyboard. Even if it isn’t exactly what the prompt was asking for, it’s probably my favorite picture I took in this set of pictures!

Lastly, I had to take a photo of something at an unusual angle. My subject was my dog, Nemo, and I took the photo with him standing at the top of the steps, through the railing. I really like this one too because his eye is peaking through the railing perfectly.

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  1. Hey!
    I think you did such a good job with this! I totally think bending the rules is okay 🙂 The stuffed cat is absolute adorable.

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