Omens by Cecilia Llompart – A Spooky Reading

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Omens by Cecilia Llompart – A Spooky Reading

For this assignment the goal was to alter your voice to make it sound spooky. I wasn’t sure what to say, so I decided to just recite a kind of dark poem by Cecilia Llompart called Omens. I had never read this poem before but I really liked it!

Here is the finished audio:

This was the assignment for me to go hog wild with audio distortion! I don’t know if I’m super happy with how the final came out, but I did learn a lot by fooling around with the different effects in Audacity! I started out by watching this Youtube video on how to edit your voice to sound demonic and it was a lot of help.

I edited the pitch to make my voice deeper and added reverb to it as well. I’m not entirely sure what a lot of these effects mean, but I just hit different buttons and checked if they sounded good. Audio editing is entirely new to me so it was a lot of trial and error!

After following the video I also went in and edited the speed to make my voice sound slower which makes it sound even deeper. The final touch was to add some spooky ambient noise into the background that I found on

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