My Favorite Sounds

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My Favorite Sounds

For my this audio assignment the goal was to showcase some of your favorite sounds! I loved this assignment because I’m a big ASMR person; I use it every night to fall asleep. If you don’t know what ASMR is it’s basically someone making sounds like tapping, scratching, or whispering for the listener to relax. Here are a few of my favorite videos:

They’re certainly an acquired taste, but I really enjoy them and they help me fall asleep.

For the assignment I decided to try out some of my own short-form ASMR! This can also fit into the theme since ASMR is a pretty big part of my life. Without it I don’t think I would be able to sleep as well as I do.

Here is my finished audio:

The sounds I chose were keyboard typing, page flipping, scissors, plastic crinkles, rummaging through a pencil case, and Tums (a surprisingly pleasing sound).

I used Audacity to splice all the different sounds together and cut out any sounds or empty space I didn’t want. I really enjoyed showcasing some of my favorite sounds!

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