Dude, How do you Feel?

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Dude, How do you Feel?

For my last assignment I chose one that has you write about how a certain song makes you feel. I chose this assignment because music has always been a big part of my life and I love sharing my favorite music with others!

I decided to focus on the song This Year by one of my my favorite bands, The Mountain Goats.

This was definitely a song that I had on replay for most of 2020. It’s a song that makes me remember that things won’t last forever and it makes me feel hopeful for change. It’s always been a song that I liked when I was personally going through hard times, but I think it’s a song many people can relate to as we collectively live through the pandemic.

My favorite line is toward the end of the song, three minutes in: “there will be feasting and dancing in Jerusalem next year”. Even when you don’t know when next year is going to come, it’s reassuring to know that feasting and dancing will come eventually.

This assignment is worth 1.5 stars.
Total stars for week 3: 12.5

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