Alphabet Soup

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Alphabet Soup

Anyone buying cats doesn’t ever feel glum. Having inside, joyful kittens like my numerous obedient pets quells rage. Sounds they utter vocalize with xylophones. You’re Zen.

For this writing assignment, the objective was to create a story with each letter of each word following the alphabet. I will say, I picked this assignment because I thought it would be simple, but I was very wrong! Making a story that makes sense within the limitations of the alphabet was way harder than I expected. At multiple points I had to look up “words that begin with [letter]” because I was having such a hard time thinking of words on my own. The story I created still doesn’t really make sense, but I tried! It was meant to be an ode to how peaceful it can be to hang out with cats, but it doesn’t really come across like that.

This assignment is worth 3 stars.
Total stars for week 3: 9 stars

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