A Noisy Space Heist

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A Noisy Space Heist

For this assignment, the goal was to tell a story only using sounds. I was really inspired by the Moon Graffiti audio drama we looked at earlier in the week for our audio reflection, so I decided to also tell a story set in space. I’ve always loved space and it was really fun exploring different sounds in order to create this story!

Here is the finished audio clip:

The first thing I did when I started this project was to create an outline of sounds I thought I might want to use and place them where in the story I wanted them. I did this with pen and paper and it only took about a minute. I didn’t follow this plan exactly, but it was nice to have an outline to follow so I wasn’t completely lost when I was looking for sounds.

Next I searched around on freesound.org for sounds I wanted to use. There are SO many different sounds on this website. I was able to find every sound I wanted with some searching. I learned that you had to be specific in your search so you didn’t get sounds that were unrelated to what you were looking for. Here are all the sounds I ended up using:

Next was the fun part: putting them all together! This was way more fun than I expected it to be. It was really cool to see my story come to life with all the different sounds and Audacity was pretty intuitive. I used a few features and tools built into Audacity like lowering the volume of certain clips and I used the fade in/fade out feature a lot.

I didn’t dabble in too much audio manipulation, however I did alter one of the sounds. At one point the thief sets off an alarm and bangs on the device to stop it. I wanted a sound of someone banging on something, but I wasn’t able to find the perfect sound. Instead I found someone banging on a door and I muted the audio a little bit using the “classic filters” effect.

Overall I’m really happy with how this came out! I’ve never done anything like it before so I’m proud I was able to tell a story only using sounds and make it make sense (I hope).

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