☕ Never Too Much ☕

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☕ Never Too Much ☕

For this assignment, the goal was to create our own Game of Thrones house sigil using the website Jointherhelm.com. I am not a huge Game of Thrones fan, but I thought the assignment was a great way to incorporate our theme.

Here is the sigil I created for myself:

I went super predictable with the name. My last name is Freeman, so of course I would be a part of House Freeman. When I saw there was an option to use a coffee cup as the icon, I knew that was what I had to do. I drink far too much coffee because, of course, it keeps me awake but also because I just like the taste!

The sigil creator limited you to three icons, so even though I wanted too, I couldn’t add more than three. The house moto I chose was “Never Too Much” which is how I feel when drinking coffee. You can never have too much!

This assignment was a lot of fun, and I liked how my sigil came out. The site was really easy to use and you had a lot of customization options (Besides limiting you to only using three icons).

This assignment was worth 3 stars.
Total stars for week 4: 6 stars

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